Okay, y’all!

Here’s what we’re going to do in 2023 …

We’re gonna’ learn how to:

  • experience more happiness
  • leave behind people pleasing
  • avoid burnout and overwhelm 
  • minimize anxiety and/or depression
  • get skilled at utilizing feelings of discomfort
  • opt out of inadequacy and imposter’s syndrome
  • get an amazing sense of our abilities and strengths
  • get good at saying NO in a way we can feel great about
  • get on the path to creating the life we want

Are you in?

The answer is yes!

Why? Because it would be insane to wait another whole year to learn and master these LIFE CHANGING skills. 

And because I’m here to help you along. 

And because I have a secret to getting you there faster (I call it “The Strength-Based Life” training program)

PLUS I have the most amazing offer to make it completely doable for every single one of you. I promise!

Cuz the thing is, I’ve made it as inexpensive as I possibly can, and am helping you get started for only $99 bucks! And for that $99 bucks you’re getting over $1,000 of value. Well, the value is technically priceless. I mean, you’ll be improving your life IN ALL AREAS.

Are you worth $99 bucks? Absolutely! If you’re not 100% sure about that, then trust me, you can’t afford not to do this work.

Okay then, submit your name and email below and I’ll send you ALL THE DETAILS, including how to get enrolled!

It’s gonna be a great year.

Laying the foundation.

The first step is having the necessary foundation.

And the foundation for a strength-based-life is learning the skillset of emotional health.

The skillset no-one ever taught you.

Don’t be mad. They just didn’t know. No-one taught them either.

But we can change that. No matter where you’re at in life.

I’ve created a short workbook to introduce you to piece number one of the skillset: what you have to know about your brain.

Just enter the info and click Submit for immediate access!

How do you know if you’re already living a strength-based life?

The simple answer is that most of us are not.

Why? Well, most people struggle to even find their strengths (or at least own them), which makes learning to live from them a tad bit difficult.

This is really not surprising, seeing as most of us are too consumed living from our weaknesses, to even realize that there’s an alternative way to live.

And this is no surprise, because as humans our brains are wired for negativity. Yes this is extremely annoying in many senses, but there is a reason for it. And yes, I can teach you what to do about it.

This negativity keeps us primarily focused on weakness, fault, and lack. Especially our own!

Which means that living from our strengths does not come naturally … to the majority of us.

Could you be the exception? Sure!

You could probably count yourself in the exception group if you rarely struggle with

  • lack of confidence
  • feeling stuck or stagnate
  • people pleasing
  • perfectionist tendencies
  • playing too small (typically to avoid pain or shame)
  • difficulty with decision making
  • regretting decisions/outcomes
  • frequently feeling “off”
  • being held back by anxiety
  • questioning your value
  • feeling lack of purpose

The list goes on … even chronic health issues can be an indication.

Yes, you have time!

And, no, it’s not too late.

I get it, life is busy! You’re running around, working hard, balancing the needs of a family, and oftentimes just trying to keep your head above water.

But trust me, you absolutely have time for this.

You have time to live the life you were meant to live; a life flowing from your strengths.

You have time because that’s a life that magnifies everything else. That’s a life that is happier, healthier, richer, more fulfilled, and more purposeful.

That’s a life that leads to better physical health, better mental health, better relationships, better career, and better just about everything. No, really!

Take the assessment.

Not much of a workbook person? No problem! Start with the assessment instead. The key is just to get started today.

Since the foundation of a strength-based-life is understanding the skillset of emotional health, let’s start by getting an idea of where you’re at.

And don’t worry! Even if you’re current skillset isn’t much higher than that of an infant, It’s okay! It is simply never too late to begin practicing.

Just enter the info and click Submit for immediate access to the assessment!

Hi, I’m Nanci!

And I’m a professionally trained and certified life coach!

As well as a mother of 5, wife of 23 years, small business owner, and more. I became a life coach when I had a life-changing realization that simply knowing the information and skills for emotional health (that I learned from a life coach) could dramatically improve the constant battle I felt in regards to my own clinical depression.

I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to find this. And I was saddened by the fact that these simple tools could have helped so many over the years, including my mother who suffered from severe mental illness throughout my upbringing.

I knew that had to change. People needed to know that good emotional health is simply a skillset (one they were likely never taught), and could be worked on and improved through knowledge and practice, just like any other skillset.

I also knew that once we learn the skillset of emotional health, we then have the tools necessary to go on and build a strength-based life.

And a strength-based life is the most amazing life we could possibly live.

Nanci is a credentialed coach; professionally trained and certified through The Life Coach School.