Nanci is a general life coach, professionally trained and certified.

Her favorite specialties are in helping others FIND & LIVE FROM their strengths (not their weaknesses), and helping anyone and everyone realize that a strong emotional skillset is the key to an amazing life.

She gained a passion for coaching after she experienced it firsthand, and had the life-changing realization that emotional health is a skillset most people are simply never taught. AND that learning and practicing these skills is what makes life incredible … even dramatically improving the negative effects of mental health conditions (like her own genetically pre-dispositioned clinical depression and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder).

She couldn’t understand why something so powerful was so under-taught, and decided this needed to change!

Nanci is also a small business owner, mother to 5 children, ages 12-21, and a wife of 23 years.

The power of coaching …

Imagine being a happier, cleaner-minded, more fulfilled individual.

Imagine knowing how to manage your negative thoughts, knowing how to create the paths for better thoughts, knowing WHY IT MATTERS, and knowing why you have COMPLETE POWER AND ABILITY in your life.

Imagine realizing that you never have to be a victim again, not even to the things that may be “broken” within your own physical body.

Imagine understanding that it only takes one decision (followed of course by practice) to choose a life of positivity and abundance over a life of negativity and constant scarcity.

That’s the power of coaching. And that’s the power of learning and practicing along with me your emotional health skillset.

Nanci is a credentialed coach; professionally trained and certified through The Life Coach School.