• The Annual Check-up

    The Annual Check-up

    Okay, so I was at the doctor’s office this past week for an annual check-up. The nurse performed all the typical tasks: weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate. You already know how this goes. Then she proceeded to ask me some questions. Do you have little interest or pleasure in doing things? NO Have you […]

  • Wired For Negativity

    Wired For Negativity

    It’s not your fault. it’s just the way we were made. But did you know you are wired for negativity? Yep, all the critical, overwhelming, scary, or just plain pessimistic thoughts do NOT mean you’re a negative person. It simply means your brain is doing its job. Because it’s programmed to keep you alive. Period. […]

  • Babysit Your Brain

    Babysit Your Brain

    One of my main jobs as a coach is to help others learn to be the watcher of their own brains. And trust me, it needs watching! Lots and lots of watching.  Remember that your brain likes to offer up constant thoughts, all day every day. And left to itself, many of those thoughts will […]

  • I Dress Up To Trick My Brain

    I Dress Up To Trick My Brain

    I DRESS UP to trick my brain. I know what you’re thinking … I am my brain … my brain is me … you can’t trick yourself. Wrong. Remember, there is a pre-programed part of your brain (the lower/mid/mammalian/animal brain) that sorta runs on auto pilot. The key to having an amazing life, and overcoming […]

  • This Is My Clan!

    This Is My Clan!

    The handsome one in the middle I’ve been married to for almost 23 years. The other five I gave birth to … although it’s hard to believe that now as I look at their grown man (and woman) bodies.  Don’t we look happy?!! Good, cuz we were. It was a good day. But if you […]

  • 50 Women, 50 Interviews: What I Learned About Women With PMDD & Why You Should Care

    50 Women, 50 Interviews: What I Learned About Women With PMDD & Why You Should Care

    I had a goal!  50 interviews with 50 women who are either self, or professionally diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: sometimes called hormonal or reproductive depression. I spoke with women from 21 to 64 years of age. I spoke with women in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and all over the US. I spoke with […]