Let’s Talk Chronic

You are not alone in your struggle.

That’s what you need to know first and foremost. Followed by, you are not lazy, weak, less-than, broken, or a failure.


That’s what you need to know first and foremost. Followed by, you are not lazy, weak, less-than, broken, or a failure.

There are MANY out there who know they were meant to live exceptional lives, but consistently feel held back by chronic health conditions, including hormone-based conditions like PMDD, PME, PMS, PND, PCOS, Endometriosis, Chronic Fatigue, a myriad of thyroid disorders (such as Hashimoto’s), and even Fibromyalgia.

In fact, that’s exactly how I would have described myself not all that long ago.

Mine happens to be a hormone/neuron-related issue (PMDD: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) that began around 20 and then came out in full force around the age of 30.

I’ve always known I wanted a lot in life, though, so was not about to let this keep me from going after my dreams.

Or so I thought.

That is much easier said than done, and in actuality, I have had a lot of deep and painful lows trying to figure out a way through.

Month-in-and-month-out for the past decade I’ve been using myself as a test subject: observing, studying, experimenting, failing, and then doing it again and again in an effort to see what works and what doesn’t work in removing some of the barriers and obstacles that were keeping me from living a full life with this chronic condition.

I’m a big proponent of exercise and lifestyle as solutions.

I had gotten to a place where I had utilized these tools as consistently as I could.

I also fully support the use of medication, and got to the point where that needed to become a part of my solution as well.

With all these things combined

I was able to function (for the most part) at a pretty high level in my life: raising 5 wonderful kids, supporting my husband in a fast-tracked corporate career, together creating and running a home-care agency as well as a restaurant, and assisting at my kids’ schools and in other volunteer organizations. I was somehow even my neighborhood’s Home Owners Association President (definitely NOT by intention!).

But living life still felt like a constant uphill battle, like I was white knuckling my way through. Every time I felt like I had made a lot of progress and could go after something I really wanted to accomplish, I was tripped up yet again by another flare up of my condition. It seemed that there were more setbacks than progress. I knew I could still live a good life, but reaching my life’s goals and arriving at the destination I REALLY wanted ultimately felt pretty hopeless.

Enter … coaching!

That is until I was introduced to the work of Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School (via Jody Moore), which helped me understand the workings of one of the most important parts of the body, THE BRAIN, and instructed me on why and how to manage my own mind.

This was nothing short of a game changer.

The missing piece in a puzzle I had been trying to put together for over a decade

… or perhaps even a lifetime, considering 40+ years with a wonderful mother plagued much more acutely by chronic (mental) illness than myself. What I’ve learned and implemented has truly been life changing.

There is simply no substitute for this knowledge

For everyone! And especially for those of us with a chronic health condition. And learning how to effectively apply it is what offers the power to consistently live your exceptional life.

One of my life missions has now become to provide others with this same information that catapulted me forward, and provide the techniques and application needed to embrace myself even with my condition, and stop feeling held back.

I now recognize this for what it is:

The skillset of emotional health and strength.

Because I love to teach and create instructional content, I do this through teaching and coaching.

If you’re ready for some relief of symptoms, REGARDLESS of a medical solution, check out my services before something else steals your attention … you know it will!

You will never regret it.

What I have for you will put you on the path to living the exceptional life you want, but thought you would never be able to have. I am consistently working, seeking, and searching, so that all of us with chronic illness can live better lives.

Nanci is a credentialed coach; professionally trained and certified through The Life Coach School.